training plan

If you stop having an emotional relationship with your style of training, then you’ll achieve more success.
Execute burpees with caution and care and you can take your training to the next level.
If you want better pecs, you have to properly train all of the pecs.
Train your mind, your muscles, your anxieties, your insecurities, your thoughts, and your beliefs to accept and grow from failure.
We know training must be hard to be effective—the bad news is that it has to get harder.
Can some muscles tolerate more frequency than others?
How can you learn skills on your own confidently, without risk of injury?
Smart training is hard training, but hard training is not necessarily smart training.
Focusing on sets and reps takes your attention away from what matters most when it comes to building size.
Walking on your hands is great for upper body strength, balance, and coordination - it's also fun!
No matter your physical pursuits, hypertrophy should be a main focus at some point for all athletes.
Have faith in the training, and one day when you're making a scheduled attempt you'll find yourself up above the bar.
Training is about taking the reins and working to be better, not about being a certain way.
The fact that we must be active and fit to increase our well-being, fight off diseases, and improve our odds of surviving longer is incontestable.
If you want to see progress, you must move past your sticking points.
Releasing expectations for when each stair-step of measured progress will arrive makes them all that much sweeter.
The more volume you do, the more you grow, but don't outgrow your capacity to recover.