training plans

The push up may have fallen off the radar for most strength programs, but it's still is a powerful addition to any fitness plan.
Working way too hard is as detrimental as not working hard enough.
Don’t skip the gym and don’t fix what isn't broken.
You deserve the chance to dominate work, rest, and play every day, in every way.
Whether you are competing or working towards specific goals, you will always have a time that falls outside of your normal training cycles.
Add practical application for implementing various loading strategies into your hypertrophy program.
There's no real universal prescription for something as subjective as "success" or worse, "fitness."
The end of year is the time businesses get their plans in order for the following year. You should do the same for yourself.
Think of the Smith machine floor press as a chest and triceps building “finisher” to your workout.
Your training is only a small part of your overall fitness and health program.
Assuming that building strength and muscle ranks highly among your training priorities, then you may be interested to learn about ascending reps.
All beginners and many intermediates run into the same fundamental problem, they don’t have a pre-existing understanding of nutrition and exercise.
The limitation of many dumbbell (DB) isolation exercises is the fact that the resistance profile of the exercises does not match up to the muscle’s strength curve.
If you are not creating an environment for growth, you are creating one for injury.
This training plan is designed for the adult rower looking to hold on to aerobic endurance and strength.