training plans

Shape your path and remove your excuses to make this the year you finally make your health and fitness a priority.
Endless miles of misery won't make you faster, or do your marriage any favors.
Some athletes need strength over bulk, and you can manipulate training to maximize strength gains while minimizing muscle size gains.
Nothing will challenge your total body fitness like the triathlon, and there is a time-efficient way to train for all three components.
The best program in the world can go off the rails when the gym is a madhouse. Here's how to adapt and overcome.
This plan was developed for military and first responders, but its benefits can be had by all.
If you want to reshape your physique into that of a Greek statue with performance to match, this plan is for you.
These simple yoga sequences will support you before, during, and after your travel. Whether you are driving or flying, these sequences with help with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and recovery.
These exercises will take your swing to another level.
Lifting heavy is a great thing, but it's not all you need for continued muscle growth.
This is no fitness-magazine-get-strong-in-10-minutes-a-week deal. This is a brutal workout, if you give it your all. Which I know you will.
People who have already achieved what you wish to accomplish didn't find their success in a list.
Training is one big experiment, and all good experiments follow the scientific method.
Don't get caught up in the trends. Here's a proven method to help you build muscle and maintain power and speed.
Take charge of your RPE to push your training to the next level.