Build your "training" muscles with these 10 must-read articles, containing tools and tips from the experts for becoming a better trainer and/or coach.
Why isn't Ingrid as sore as her teammates after a workout? What is she doing to recovery faster and stay healthier? Read to find out a couple simple steps she takes that make a huge difference.
Hear from one of the originals what it was like to train CrossFit in the early days, what the evolution has been like, and where she is headed next.
It's competition season for grapplers, and I am getting ready for several upcoming tournaments. In the coming weeks, I'm going to write about my preparation - come along for the ride!
It is the trend to vilify isolation movements, but in reality there are some real applications for these movements in terms of both injury and performance. Read on for the three ways isolation works.
Michael asks this week, "What does The Open mean to you?" and elaborates on why everyone, not just the elite, get something amazing from competing in the CrossFit Games Open.
You're a trainer or a coach and you work out on your own...but you're losing motivation! Here are 3 solutions to keep YOU fit and healthy, just like you do for your clientele.
From kettlebell superstar Lauren Brooks - this program is for the goals of moving better and increasing strength and conditioning. And also have the great side effects of fat loss and a lean body!
Michael Winchester shares his experience at CrossFit Central - what was the 2nd WOD of the CrossFit Open like? How does he feel about repeating the WODs? What works for his training schedule?
The debate continues: should one resistance train with a fast or slow velocity of movement? It is time we take a look at the evidence-based research - and add a dose of common sense.
Michael Winchester trains at the well-known CrossFit Central in Texas. How has his training been going? And how did he do on the first workout in the CrossFit Games Open?
The first workout of the CrossFit Games Open has gone by - 7 minutes of burpees! Find out how Peter's training is going as he talks about balancing competition, workouts, and life.
I learned the hard way that constantly beating up my body without appreciating what it gave me can only end up in a place of illness and injury. Read how I learned to express gratitude to my body.
The first journal entry of the third athlete participating in our weekly journals - follow Michael, Peter Egyed, and Ingrid Kantola each week as they progress through the CrossFit Games season!
The first installment of our new feature - The Athlete Journals. Follow amazing athletes as they share their training, nutrition, recovery, and mental preparation for the CrossFit Games!
Many studies have been performed on the effectiveness of plyometric exercises on sport performance, particularly sprinting speed. Do these exercises actually enhance the ability to run faster?
When it comes to stories, Dan John is in no short supply. Read on to hear how he began his journey in fitness, his 2 pieces of advice for coaches, and what he thinks of the current fitness industry.