The numbers on your wrist are nowhere near as important as what your body is telling you.
Nothing will challenge your total body fitness like the triathlon, and there is a time-efficient way to train for all three components.
You don't have time to train like the pros.
More time in the saddle may not be the best way. Cyclists need to improve their athleticism..
If the bulk of your training doesn't challenge your work capacity, how do you expect to get faster?
Giving yourself and your family the gift of a holiday season break from your endless training and racing is a good thing. Your body will reward you.
If Google’s promises hold true, Android Wear smartwatches will deliver much improved interactions with smartphones.
When it comes to the bike leg, the devil's in the details.
Transitions are one of the unique features of triathlons, and making them lightening fast can make all the difference.
Don't let swimming be a stumbling block for signing up for your first triathlon.
The summer travel season doesn't have to destroy your training for summer races.
Knowing the purposes for your brick workouts will help you program them for a competitive edge.
Specialization has its place, but should not be your entire training program.
Take charge of your RPE to push your training to the next level.
This is the third and final 12-week training cycle as you approach race season.
Build on your athletic base to push yourself beyond your limits in this free 12-week program.
This programming has been designed for the beginner to train for a sprint distance triathlon; however, anyone can use it.