upper body exercises

Different positioning for your strict press may allow for better translation into other overhead lifts.
Give these exercises a try after your training session, or even as part of your warm-up.
The barbell shrug is a very misunderstood movement, a commonly passed over exercise, and often an incorrectly executed one.
Your level of priority to assess, review, and reverse postural issues should be high.
A two-jointed muscle involves multiple joints and certain considerations should be taken in training. Let's look at two-jointed arm muscles.
You aren't going to get huge following a plan designed for a pro bodybuilder.
Build grip and general upper strength with this variation of a classic.
You can't beat a fighter's workout for a lean, strong upper body.
Think that the only way to gain muscle mass is to lift heavy? Think again.
Support your yoga practice by incorporating ring and bar dips into your training for complete upper body strength.
Like any form of physical activity, yoga has a few blind spots when it comes to functional movements - including pulling.
If elbow pain is keeping you from getting better at chin ups, give these tips a try.
Body control is an essential athletic skill, and the L-sit is an excellent tool to build it. Follow Timothy Bell's guide to holding a perfect L-sit.
How can you get on the Rowed to Bowed? Here are my five favorite row exercises.
Stop doing the modified push up where your knees are on the floor. They're probably doing more harm than good.
You can only hold a plank for so long. To increase the core strength benefits of this exercise, add a sandbag and start pulling.
For every exercise, the outcome is determined by the set up. Logan Christopher shows you techniques to kick up into a stable freestanding handstand.