upper traps

The complexity of fully training the back is illustrated by the vast array of machines and attachments available.
The Dumbbell Power Shrug is the easiest exercise to learn to train full-body coordination and explosiveness.
Correct your movement patterns to gain strength.
In all seriousness, the shoulder is a deceptively simple complex of muscles that serve a large array of functions, but here's how to maximize those muscles with only a few exercises.
We use our shoulders almost non-stop, so is it any wonder they often get hurt?
The barbell shrug is a very misunderstood movement, a commonly passed over exercise, and often an incorrectly executed one.
Your level of priority to assess, review, and reverse postural issues should be high.
These movements have produced amazing results for myself and my clients. Mainly because the hex bar is the perfect regression tool for the traditional barbell deadlift.
Simple interventions mean more reliable outcomes. The following five tips will give you real results.