We squat, we press, we deadlift, we push, we pull—all linear movements. Rarely do we incorporate lateral movements into our training plan and yet we really should.
This workout combines normal patterns with movement in order to reveal blind spots and keep passion alive.
Humans require a certain amount of variety to stay interested, so you have to keep your fitness routine fresh.
In this simplified version, I’ve kept the intensity of flavors but used ground chicken to create a dish that is incredibly fast to make.
Take the time to enjoy your training, find balance, and set new goals because, in the long run, it will set you up for a lifetime of training that isn’t dictated by any season.
Build your own workouts so that you can get in, get it done, and get out of the gym on your own terms but with something that works just the way you want it.
Just get out there and try stuff, and if you don’t like it, try some other stuff.
There's never a better time of year to get out of your routine and enjoy your fitness.
How parents of prodigies raised their kids is a poor example of what you should do with your star athlete kid.
Split lifts have fallen out of fashion among weightlifters, but they still have immense value as strength and conditioning tools.
To be useful in life, your training will have to go beyond the standard gym routine.
If the fire is gone from your training, make these changes to get it back.
Crawling drills will awaken your sixth sense and reignite your brain-body connection.
Adding the right exercises to your routine will help you fix the holes in your game.
The world is an unpredictable place. Protect your body from preventable injuries by learning how to fall.
At some point you need to force your body to do more. Here are three ways to do it safely.
Do you know why the fitness industry is flawed? It’s because we’ve forgotten about fitness.