vitamin c

Did you know a new vitamin unicorn jellybean will make you feel more awake and you'll be able to do backflips in your sleep? Wake up!
The clear majority of injuries could have been prevented if only a few simple habits were changed.
Natural production of collagen tends to decrease as we age, so finding ways to increase collagen production is a vital step toward mature joint health.
Antioxidants seem to interfere with the long-term benefits of exercise by interfering with the body’s adaptive mechanisms.
What in the world is a cashew apple? Well, it turns out drinking cashew apple juice helps you burn fat. It's chock full of vitamin C, which is needed to form carnitine, which fuels fat burning.
Vitamin C is an essential supplement in our nutrition. Altrient offers a new method for consumption called "liposome-encapsulated delivery." Is it worth the extra cost? Read on to find out.