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Andrea Duran is an Olympic silver medalist and a professional athlete, but she still has to fight constantly for her sport and for the future of women's professional sports in general.
As my daughters grow up I worry about their self image and what society will push upon them. I am grateful for CrossFit and the Games for showing my daughters strength is beauty.
As Krista has evolved as a coach, so has her website Stumptuous, and so has the health industry as a whole. Here she shares her two cents (and her sharp wit) in regards to the fitness world.
Krista is a nutrition, health, and fitness coach with a doctorate in women’s studies. She's run the gamut training-wise herself and has some (sassy) advice about what it is to get fit and healthy.
Nicole Crawford is the coach behind our new Mommy Workouts. Now it's time to learn more about her! Nicole is a full-time mom, our editorial assistant, and coaches homeless women in her "free" time.
Does the menstrual cycle affect a female athlete's endurance abilities? New science looks at female rowers, contraception, and menstruation to determine the relationships.
Initially I thought CrossFit was some kind of elite fitness cult where you had to get a tattoo to belong. Little did I know I would fall in love with burpees and box jumps.
If you always wanted to be a cheerleader but never made the cut, here's your chance. Nicole Glor's new cheerleading-inspired DVD is fast-paced, challenging, and a lot of fun.
Who doesn't love camp? You get to do fun things and make new friends. For the adult, female grapplers out there, you can STILL go to camp - Women's Grappling Camp.
Lately there has been a bit of a pregnancy boom at our CrossFit gym. I was fascinated to talk to these women about their workouts, giving birth, and recovery and how CrossFit helped.
Many women struggle with finding a balance between being a warrior athlete and being a woman. This article outlines simple mental exercises to help you find balance and celebrate being female.
Sarah Wilson is a world-class athlete, business owner, jewelry designer, coach, wife, and mom-to-be. So how does she do it all?
Multi-sport endurance athlete, jewelry designer, CrossFit coach - meet Sarah Wilson, creator of Fashletics: "Handmade jewelry and apparel designed to celebrate and inspire the athlete within."
There is something indescribable about a photo that captures an emotional moment. Combine great photos with inspirational words and you have the motivational work of Aly Willier and RXSTAR.
I know for a fact a lot of women out there - runners, kettlebell enthusiasts, CrossFitters, and others - are contemplating this surgery. So let's have a practical talk about things you need to know.
I was skeptical of a raw pregnancy diet at first. Can a raw diet provide all the nutrients that mom and baby need? As a mom myself I was curious, so I did some studying.
As a mom on the hunt for something to keep me physically fit, I've found myself becoming a CrossFit wannabe. But is it right for me? I took a good hard look at my time, money and EXCUSES.