women's fitness

I've designed the newest cycle of Mommy workouts to help you exercise with your cycle, not in spite of it.
This week's picks are a thank-you to our boldest coaches. Thanks to each of you for speaking your mind and the truth, and knocking the Internet stupidity level down a notch.
Ninety percent of pregnant women get stretch marks. I am in that group, but I'm learning to see them in a new light.
You are your body on a “good” day and on a “bad” day. What many of us women don’t realize is that we get to define what constitutes good and bad.
No one talks about after the baby. They don't talk about how hard it is to take six weeks off or the shock it is when you hit your first workout.
Nursing a child places a unique and significant demand on a woman's body, and exercise is the perfect way to meet those demands.
How does testosterone level affect women in terms of exercise and fitness? Learn how this hormone impacts women both physically and psychologically.
These workouts are designed to help women at all stages of motherhood feel strong and move without pain.
Here are a few differences between the two birth options, from personal experience.
The key to keeping our sanity and loving the lives we lead depends on the comparisons we allow ourselves to make.
The two greatest contributing factors for female athletes are poor body image and fear of unplanned pregnancy.
Working out while wearing your baby is a great way to bond with your baby while also regaining your strength.
From running a record 10K to mastering strict pull ups, these workouts are designed to help women achieve their fitness goals.
Which are the most effective? What are the side effects? What does the research say?
Ten to fifteen percent of women experience postpartum depression in the first year after birth. How can exercise help?
Stefani Ruper presents her unconventional approach to sexiness in this fun and informative book.
Even if you have not been diagnosed, you can use alternative therapies, nutrition, and physical exercise to help with your symptoms.