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The rationalization of the body weight categories didn't exist before Norbert Schemansky.
A serious athlete is revealed through effort, not gender.
From smart programming, to body image, to pregnancy, this year's top articles cover all the bases.
Ultimate Fighter 20 will be the first all-female cast, and the winner will be crowned the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion.
I don’t like man bashing, especially since my teammates at my gym are so awesome. But the fact is some guys are dicks.
In this inaugural episode of our radio show, we discuss BJJ, the learning process, taking risks, and living your passions.
I own about forty rashguards and these are the ones I wear the most. I tried to narrow the list down to five, but I just couldn’t do it!
I recently spoke to MMA fighter Danielle “The Curse” West about her career and I wasn’t surprised to learn that one of the reasons she began fighting was because she wanted to help someone else.
To prove my theory that BJJ is great for small fighters and women, I’ve done a statistical analysis of all fights since the inception of the all-women's MMA promotion Invicta FC.
Weightlifting is often misunderstood by the general public and, sadly, by people in other sports as well. Here are the top ten biggest myths about weightlifting, and why they're totally untrue.
The new women's gi from Killer Bee Gis is my new favorite. It fits much better than a man's gi and the ripstop pants are indestructible. Let me break down on the details on this gi for you.
If you're a man, imagine how your perspective on the world might differ if you were concerned for your physical safety pretty much all the time - and how it might affect your orientation to jiu jitsu.
An increase in the influence women bring to BJJ doesn’t have to be negative, and it doesn’t have to result in watered-down practices. Let me explain what we at WGC want to do for EVERYone.
Watch this awesome highlight video of Ronda Rousey's MMA fights. This weekend "Rowdy" Ronda and Liz Carmouche will be making history in the first women's match in the UFC.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: foam rolling, girls and sports, strength training tips, and more!
Being physically active is important for the health of young women, both physically and mentally. But more of them are dropping out of sports than ever. How can we change this?
Women have been weightlifting in the Olympics since 2000, but what did it take for them to get there? Let's look at equipment, competition, and politics from 1970 to present day.