workout plans

Adding bodybuilding work to your weightlifting practice has its benefits, both ways.
If you want to look like a jacked, powerful, and fit person, prepare to put in the years.
Just because you're over 40 doesn't mean you have to give up on your fitness goals.
You can coast through the last few months of the year, or you can stroll into your holiday gatherings healthier than you've ever been with this 11 week challenge.
Whether you just want to start your day right, or only have the wee hours to train, here are some strategies to get the most from your mornings in the gym.
If you try to come back too quickly, you'll end up right back where you started.
You aren't permanently doomed to be scrawny; you just need a more intelligent plan.
The game has gotten stronger and faster. Have you?
Few things test your anaerobic power and aerobic capacity as fully as a thousand meters, all-out, on the erg.
Hours upon hours on the treadmill and eating like a rabbit won't get you where you're trying to go if you don't have any muscle mass.
The pioneers of bodybuilding didn't get to look like Greek gods with a bunch of cable curls.
Vacations and holidays are a well-earned career perk, but don't let time off get in the way of staying fit.