Breaking Muscle eBooks


When it comes to building better athletes, yoga is the name of the game, even when that game is soccer.
For athletes who don’t already possess a good range of motion, yoga can be a futile endeavour.
Training the clean and deadlift will help you move with more ease in your yoga, and in life.
Building stability in the shoulder girdle has a huge carryover to strengthening our yoga poses.
Support your yoga practice by incorporating ring and bar dips into your training for complete upper body strength.
The core of yoga practice is the ability to support one's bodyweight. These types of isometric holds go beyond just building strength.
Like any form of physical activity, yoga has a few blind spots when it comes to functional movements - including pulling.
It's easy to lose good form if you don't have the upper body strength for repeated chaturanga.
An intriguing question from a bull rider got me thinking about how to train for adaptability, not just strength.
Few things can turn a potentially great day into a bad one like a digestive problem. This simple sequence will get you back on track.
Squats are the first step to finding balance between yoga and strength training.
Take this fitness personality test to find the right path to fitness for you.
Get the most of your down dog with these simple adjustments.
Downward dog is one of the most basic yoga poses, but there's actually a lot to it.
Use this yoga flow to release the tension that might be the source of your back pain.
Having the courage to bring this topic out into the open will facilitate transformation for the whole yoga community.
Try this simple and effective breath practice to unplug from your daily responsibilities and concerns.
This cycle of the beginner workout will focus on the basics of building a successful fitness program. Journey into a renewed healthy lifestyle as you develop a new fitness routine and have fun.