Chris Duffin Video – Sled Pull-Through

Chris Duffin, champion powerlifter, demonstrates one of his favorite conditioning/assistance movements – the sled pull-through. This is an intense exercise for the posterior chain.

Chris Duffin, champion powerlifter and head coach of Elite Performance Center, demonstrates one of his favorite conditioning/assistance movements – the sled pull-through:

Sled Pull Thru Variation
Of the many variations fo the pull thru using the sled is my absolute favorite. With the focus being on rehab, prehab, and recovery the concentric only approach works much better (just like the reverse hyper) than using a band or pulley, which also incorporates the eccentric phase. In fact, as we will soon talk about, I use this for teaching and reinforcing muscle recruitment patterns frequently. The concentric only allows for my repetition and also multiple sessions in a week to work on these patterns.

My primary focus for this variation is glute-ham activation to support proper squat and deadlift technique. When someone isn’t activating those correctly it is very evident and easy to each them with this exercise. Unlike when they are squatting or pulling where it is much more subtle in both seeing and incredibly more difficult to coach to correctness.

My secondary focus here is to overload the glute and glute-ham tie in.

Key points with the way I am doing these:

  • If your legs are not locked out completely as your hips finish driving thru you are not firing correctly in the right patterns.
  • Leg unlocked and upper body bent back at finishis very evident to see and correct and shows lack of firing glutes.
  • Arms should be pressed into legs through entire lift – if not they will act as a spring and you will not have a solid point to drive the glutes against at lock.
  • Start really deep and on heels at setup, if not deep enough you will end up on toes.
  • Finish with legs locked and driving heels into the floor. Now squeeze the glutes/cheeks together hard (pinch a penny). If you are on your toes you will not be able to contract the glutes as hard again.
  • Finish position should look and feel like completion of a deadlift.
  • With this style your glutes should light up on fire by the finish of the first or second set.

For more videos from Chris, visit his YouTube Channel.