Cleaning Up Your Kettlebell Clean, Part 2

Learning how to organize your movement of the kettlebell from the floor to the rack position is uber important as you progress to a better kettlebell clean.

In this second video, I will demonstrate some additional things you can do to gain better control and form in your kettlebell clean.

Taking the clean from the floor (and cheating it up by use of both hands) is a terrific way to get the feel for how the kettlebell moves around your arm from the floor up into the rack position, as demonstrated in part one of this series.

  • Start with the kettlebell on the floor and your stance in a deadlift position.
  • Grasp the kettlebell with the arm you wish to use for the clean in the palm down position and the assisting arm in the palm up position.
  • Make sure you are pulling your lats back and keeping your core firm.
  • Take the kettlebell off the floor and spin it around your arm with the assisting arm following the movement.
  • Once the kettlebell is in the rack position, remove the assisting hand, open your fingers, and return the kettlebell to the floor in the opposite movement you just performed. Make sure your shoulders remain square and down.

The next movement I call the “dead clean.” It is important to learn that instead of “curling” the kettlebell into the rack position, it is actually more of taking the elbow back in conjunction with proper hip movement.

  • Begin with the kettlebell on the floor as before and slightly lift the kettlebell from the floor while maintaining a deadlift style stance.
  • Throw your hips forward and pull your elbow back while opening your hand at the top, to prevent overgrippint, once you’ve reached the rack position.
  • Next, spin the kettlebell back down and hover it above the floor, as before, being sure to keep your core and glutes engaged.
  • Once you’ve gained the concept of this movement with the kettlebell hovering above the floor, take it all the way to the floor and continue practicing the movement.

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