Cleaning Up Your Kettlebell Clean, Part 3

If you've been cleaning your kettlebell and have wound up with a huge bruise on you forearm, never fear, this video will cure your issue.

In this final part of this series, I will go over the “swing clean.” In my first video, we went over how to handle the kettlebell in the rack position. In the second video, we cleaned up the actual pull of the clean from the floor, or hovering just above, into the rack position.

It is important to note that if you don’t understand how the swing in the kettlebell clean should work, it can be difficult to get out of bad habits with this particular movement.

  • Warm up with a couple of one-armed swings, just to chest level, making sure the kettlebell is going behind you, between your legs, and you are using the force of opening your hips to move the kettlebell up.
  • Remember that your arm should be straight and the swing movement is not a lift with your arm in any way. Once this swing is established, the clean can be added.

Once you are ready to begin your clean, the following should be noted:

  • Once you swing back and the kettlebell begins moving forward, pop your hips and pull your arm back into your body to end in the rack position with the hand open, as demonstrated in the prior video.
  • Do not allow the kettlebell to swing over your hand.

If you are having a significant amount of trouble with the kettlebell banging your wrist, the final demonstration in this video should clear up that part of the movement for you.

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