Climbing China’s Hidden Cliffs (Video)

When you're strong and fit, you can enjoy some of the most splendorous natural beauties our planet has to offer.

Sometimes political, economic, or social barriers mean people can't explore the sensual wonders of exotic places. But when the barrier is a physical one, things are so much easier for us athletes. That is the case in this magnificently shot video from National Geographic.

These intrepid explorers bring the thrill to you back home as they scale the mountainous peaks of China, surrounded by verdant forests, sparkling rivers, and mysterious caves.If you've been climbing up ropes, swinging from monkey bars, squatting heavy, or even just hitting your local rock-climbing wall – in short, if you've been active, exploratory, and playful in your movement – you're among the privileged population who can also scale these literally breathtaking cliffs. Watching others tackle the challenge can be just as exciting.

This is one of those joys in life that only drives home the compelling point that you should spend time in nature. Playtime outdoors is just as valuable a fitness and lifestyle activity as working out in the gym. We hope you go somewhere amazing in your fitness adventures and never lose your inner child!