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Featured Coaches


Adam Hart


Adam Stanecki

CrossFit, Business, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Al Kavadlo

Bodyweight Exercise

Alan Kipping-Ruane

Triathlon, Endurance Sports

Alex Hilton-Johnson

Nutrition, Supplements

Alex Zinchenko

Kettlebells, Bodyweight Exercise, Sandbags

Allan Dowell

Endurance Sports, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon

Allison Moyer

Bodybuilding, CrossFit

Alyssa Dazet

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Amanda Allen


Amber Krzys

Women's Fitness, Sport Psychology

Amber Larsen

Gymnastics, CrossFit, Health, Biology

Amber Lee


Amy D. Hester

Women's Fitness, Running

Amy Shah

Health, Nutrition, Women's Fitness

Andre Miller

Bodyweight Exercise

Andrea DuCane


Andrew Beatty

Strength Training

Andrew Read

Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning

Andy Bolton

Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting

Andy Galpin & James Bagley

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition

Andy McKenzie

Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise, Mobility & Recovery

Andy Petranek

CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning

Anna Woods

Special Populations

Anthony Roberts


Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches

Endurance Sports, Triathlon, Nutrition

Antonio Robustelli

Strength and Conditioning

Arsy Vartanian

Nutrition, Cooking and Baking

Artemis Scantalides

Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen, Strength and Conditioning

Ash Cox

Military Fitness

Ashleigh Kast

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Functional Movement Screen, Track and Field, Kettlebells

Becca Borawski Jenkins

Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Martial Arts

Ben Greenfield

Strength and Conditioning

Ben Mattingly


Ben Musholt

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise, Parkour

Bexx Hillman

CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, Health

Bill DeLongis

Speed Training, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training, Strongman

Bill DeSimone

Strength and Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Bill Taylor

MovNat, Natural Movement, Physical Therapy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts

Bladen Baird

Outdoor Fitness, Rugby

Brad Borland

Strength and Conditioning

Brad Chase


Brad Sly


Brandi Ross

Mobility & Recovery

Brandon Hofer

Yoga, Kettlebells

Brandon Richey

Powerlifting, Kettlebells, Martial Arts

Brendan Brazier

Nutrition, Endurance Sports, Triathlon, Running

Bret Hamilton

Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen

Brian McFadden

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition

Brittany Smart

CrossFit, Basketball

Brooke Nepo

Olympic Weightlifting, Track and Field

Brooke Thomas

Yoga, Mobility & Recovery, Corrective Exercise

Carl Putman

Strength and Conditioning, Tennis, Strength Training, Speed Training

Carrie Cariello

Family and Kids

Casey Thaler


Casey Weaver


Cassy Garcia

Nutrition, Recipes

Chad Vaughn

Olympic Weightlifting

Charles Bennington

CrossFit, Gymnastics

Chris Costa

Hockey, Golf

Chris Doenlen


Chris Duffin


Chris Espinosa

CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Nutrition

Chris Garay

Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise

Chris LaLanne

Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Chris Lofland


Chris Mello


Chris Slone

Powerlifting, Strongman, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery

Chris White

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells

Christian Marchegiani

Children's Fitness

Christie Jenkins

CrossFit, Beach Volleyball, Trampoline

Christine Dahl

Endurance Sports, Running, Cycling, Triathlon

Christy Baroni & Jenna Torres

Strength Training, Nutrition, Women's Fitness, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting

Cindy Johnson


Clint Nielsen


Colm O'Reilly

CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting

Conor Doherty

Hockey, Soccer

Conrad Stalheim

Strength and Conditioning, Chiropractic

Craig Hysell

Strength and Conditioning, Mature Athletes

Curt Pedersen

Strength and Conditioning

DaKari Williams

Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, CrossFit

Dan John

Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Strength Training

Dan Kallen

Business, CrossFit

Dan Mahoney

Baseball, Sports Performance

Dan Treccia

Strength and Conditioning, Baseball

Dan Vinson

CrossFit, Outdoor Fitness

Danette Rivera

Nutrition, CrossFit

Daniel Lonsdale

Rugby, Rowing, Lacrosse, Fencing

Daniel Payseur

Strength and Conditioning

Danielle West

Martial Arts, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Danny Clark

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Natural Movement

Danny Matta

Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Military Fitness

Danny Takacs

Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning

Darian Primeau

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Darren Twissell

Coaching, Business

Darryl Edwards

Paleo, Outdoor Fitness

Dave Ayres

Bodyweight Exercise, Strength and Conditioning

Dave Whitley

Strongman, Kettlebells, Strength Training

David Cross

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells

David Crump

Bodyweight Exercise

David Osorio

Business, CrossFit

David Potach

Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning

David Varnes

Children's Fitness, Judo

David Weck

Strength and Conditioning

DeLora Frederickson

Yoga, Women's Fitness

Denis Faye

Nutrition, Mobility & Recovery

Derek Tresize

Bodybuilding, Nutrition

Devin Harper

Nutrition, Strength Training, CrossFit

Dini Leopoldo


Don Ricci

Olympic Weightlifting

Donnie Thompson

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Doug Dupont

Strength and Conditioning

Doug Fioranelli

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells

Doug Hershberger

Strength and Conditioning, Law Enforcement and Firefighters

Dozie Onunkwo

Nutrition, Bodybuilding

Dr. Joel Seedman

Strength and Conditioning, Neurology-Based Sports Performance

Dr. Marc Bubbs

Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

Dresdin Archibald

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning

Drew Dillon

Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Dusty Hyland


Eric Auciello

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit

Eric Bach

Strength and Conditioning

Eric Brown

Strength and Conditioning

Eric C. Stevens

Martial Arts, Sport Psychology, Boxing

Eric Chessen

Special Populations

Erica Saint Clair

CrossFit, Sport Psychology

Erik Uuksulainen

Chiropractic, Nutrition

Erika Volk

Women's Fitness, Nutrition

Eugene Bean

Strength Training

Eva Twardokens

Strength and Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting

Evan Brand


Flavia Del Monte

Nutrition, Women's Fitness, Bodybuilding

Fred Fornicola

Nutrition, Family and Kids

Freddy Camacho

Law Enforcement and Firefighters, CrossFit

Gene Kobilansky

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Boxing

Geoff Howard

Nutrition, Supplements

George Vrotsos

Law Enforcement and Firefighters

Gil Blander

Nutrition, Biochemistry

Graeme Turner

Triathlon, Endurance Sports

Greg Everett

Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Nuckols

Strength Training

Greg Walsh

Strength and Conditioning

Hannah Caldas

Swimming, CrossFit

Harvey Newton

Cycling, Olympic Weightlifting

Hayden-William Courtland

CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, Biology

Helena Wu

Track and Field, Strength Training, Family and Kids

Holley Mangold

Olympic Weightlifting

Ian King

Strength and Conditioning

Ingrid Kantola

Track and Field, CrossFit

Jack Wilson

Mobility & Recovery

Jake Shoemaker

Swimming, Track and Field, Running

James Breese

Business, Kettlebells

James Buchanan

CrossFit, Surfing

James Cerbie

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition

James FitzGerald

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Strength Training

James Garland

Strength and Conditioning, MMA

James Jowsey

Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, Mobility & Recovery

James Kearns

Olympic Weightlifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jane Holgate

CrossFit, Mature Athletes

Janelle Zacherl

Nutrition, Genetics

Jannine Myers

Running, Endurance Sports, Women's Fitness

Jarell Lindsey

Martial Arts, Strongman, Physical Culture

Jason Burtchell

Physical Therapy

Jason Fitzgerald

Running, Endurance Sports, Strength Training

Jason Lake


Jason Maxwell


Javier Garza

Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

JC Deen

Strength and Conditioning

Jeanne Goodes

Family and Kids, Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Jeff Barnett

Strength and Conditioning

Jeff Ford

Endurance Sports, Running, CrossFit

Jeff Kline


Jeff Kuhland

MovNat, Mobility & Recovery

Jeff Martone

Kettlebells, CrossFit

Jeff Taraday


Jeff Tucker

Gymnastics, CrossFit

Jen Weir

Women's Fitness, Strength and Conditioning

Jennifer Bayliss

Running, Endurance Sports, Triathlon

Jeremey DuVall

Strength and Conditioning

Jeremy Frisch

Children's Fitness

Jeremy Scott

Strength and Conditioning

Jerred Moon


Jess Papi

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jesse Fernandez

Strength Training

Jesse Irizarry

Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Jessica Bento

Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Sandbags, Kettlebells

Jessica Hedrick

Yoga, Dance

Jimmy Yuan

Golf, Chiropractic

Joel Jamieson

Strength and Conditioning

John Annillo

Military Fitness, Law Enforcement and Firefighters

John Burch

CrossFit, Business

John Farr

Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

John Hackleman

CrossFit, Martial Arts, Boxing, Strength and Conditioning

John Mallon


John Rusin

Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, Hypertrophy

John Wood

Strength and Conditioning

Jon Bruney

Kettlebells, Strongman, Strength and Conditioning

Jon Engum

Kettlebells, Strength Training, Martial Arts, Mobility & Recovery

Jon Goodman

Business, Strength and Conditioning

Jon Haas

Martial Arts, Strength Training

Jon Kolaska

Health, Yoga

Jonathan FitzGordon

Yoga, Walking

Jonathan Precel

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Health

Jonathan Puu

Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Boxing, Muay Thai

Josh Bunch


Josh Graham

Nutrition, Wellness

Josh Henkin

Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training, Sandbags, DVRT

Josh Kernen

Physical Therapy, Endurance Sports

Josh Vogel

Natural Movement, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts

Joshua Wortman

Bodybuilding, Supplements, Nutrition, Strength Training

Julie Warren

Endurance Sports

Justin Fallhowe

Speed Training, Strength and Conditioning

Justin Grinnell

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting

Justin Lind

Kettlebells, CrossFit, Mobility & Recovery

Kadya Araki

Nutrition, Bodybuilding

Kalli Youngstrom

Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting

Katherine Derbyshire

Strength and Conditioning, Martial Arts

Katie Chasey

Strength and Conditioning

Katy Bowman

Biomechanics, Women's Fitness

Keira Newton

Kettlebells, Yoga

Keith Norris

Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

Kelly Plowe


Kelsey Reed

Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training, Family and Kids

Kendall Giles

Martial Arts

Kevin Cann


Kevin Kearns

Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen, MMA

Khaled Allen

Martial Arts, MovNat

Kia Khadam


Krista Scott-Dixon

Women's Fitness, Nutrition, Strength Training

Krista Stryker

Bodyweight Exercise

Kristina Goldman

Recipes, Nutrition

Kyle Arsenault

Strength and Conditioning

Kyle Hunt

Strength and Conditioning

Kyle Williams

Military Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Endurance Sports

Lacy Shannon


Lars Bredahl

Law Enforcement and Firefighters, CrossFit

Laura Meredith

Nutrition, Cooking and Baking

Lauren Beasley

Physical Therapy

Lauren Brooks

Women's Fitness, Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen, Nutrition

Laurence Griffiths

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Lauryn Lax

Nutrition, CrossFit, Occupational Therapy

Lee Winer

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting

Lester Ho

Olympic Weightlifting

Levi Harrison

Health, Strength Training, Orthopedic Surgery

Liam "Taku" Bauer

Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Lindsey Mathews

Chiropractic, Women's Fitness, Mobility & Recovery

Linsay Way

Chiropractic, Mobility & Recovery

Logan Christopher

Gymnastics, Strength and Conditioning, Strongman

Logan Gelbrich

Strength and Conditioning

Lori Crock

MovNat, Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen

Lorna Kleidman

Kettlebells, Yoga

Lucy Smith

Running, Swimming, Cycling, Endurance Sports, Triathlon

Madelyn Moon

Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Sport Psychology

Maggie Morehart

Outdoor Fitness

Mans Denton

Sport Psychology, Supplements

Marcus Quijas

Strength Training, Odd Object Training

Maria Gordon


Marisa Branscombe

Running, Women's Fitness

Mark Bell

Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Mark Bixby

Natural Movement, Kettlebells

Mark McManus


Mary Ellen Coffey

Kettlebells, Functional Movement Screen, Martial Arts

Maryann Berry

Strength and Conditioning, Mobility & Recovery

Mason Woodruff

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition

Matt Beecroft

Martial Arts, Kettlebells

Matt Byers

Endurance Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Outdoor Fitness

Matt Corley

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Powerlifting, Strongman

Matt Kuzdub

Strength and Conditioning

Matt Maggio

Health, Injury rehabilitation

Matt Palfrey


Matt Riemann

Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy

Matthew Ibrahim

Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery

Max Shank

Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Martial Arts

Meghan Rovig

Physical Therapy, Mobility & Recovery

Melissa Joulwan

Nutrition, Cooking and Baking, Health

Melody Schoenfeld

Powerlifting, Strength Training, Kettlebells, Nutrition

Michael Barbot

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning

Michael Campi

Mature Athletes

Michael Rutherford

Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning

Michael Zweifel

Strength and Conditioning

Mickey Brueckner

Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Mike Catris

Supplements, Nutrition, CrossFit

Mike Choi


Mike Eves

Kettlebells, Bodyweight Exercise, Judo

Mike Mahler

Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Mike Marcinek

Strength and Conditioning

Mike Samuels

Strength Training, Powerlifting

Mike Sheridan

Strength and Conditioning

Mike Warren Brown

Strength and Conditioning

Mike Wines

Strength and Conditioning

Mims Boyce

Physical Therapy, Functional Movement Screen

Mischele Stevens

Triathlon, Endurance Sports

Mitch Calvert

Strength Training

Molly Galbraith

Women's Fitness, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding

Narisa Wild

Endurance Sports

Nate Miyaki

Bodybuilding, Nutrition

Nate Palmer

Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise

Neil Bednar

Bodyweight Exercise, Mature Athletes

Nia Shanks

Women's Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Nichole Rheiner

Food, Nutrition

Nick Horton

Olympic Weightlifting, Sport Psychology

Nick Tumminello

Strength and Conditioning

Orion Lee

Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing

Pamela Gagnon

Gymnastics, CrossFit

Pat Flynn

Kettlebells, Bodyweight Exercise, Strength and Conditioning

Paul Coker


Paul Wade

Bodyweight Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Pete Hitzeman

CrossFit, Cycling, Endurance Sports, Running

Peter Braglia

Chiropractic, Strength and Conditioning

Peter Curcio


Peter Egyed


Peter Hirsh


Phil Hesketh


Phil Tucker


Rachel Hector

Yoga, Kinesiology

Reggie Johal

Strength and Conditioning

Rich Kite

Olympic Weightlifting

Rich Thomas


Richard Airey

Running, Endurance Sports, CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning

Richard Ham Williams

Strength Training

Rick Howard

Family and Kids, Strength and Conditioning

Rob Nitman

Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training

Rob Wilson

Mobility & Recovery

Robert Handsfield

MovNat, Natural Movement, Swimming

Roger Harrell

CrossFit, Gymnastics, Strength and Conditioning

Ruggero Loda

Running, Endurance Sports

Ryan Hurst

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise

Ryan Kish

Strength and Conditioning

Ryan McRae

Health, Strength Training

Ryan Seaver


Sabina Skala

Strength and Conditioning, MMA

Sally Arsenault

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA

Sally Moss

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Training, Powerlifting

Samuel Spiegelman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning

Sarah Anne Stewart

Nutrition, Wellness

Sarah Bolandi

Running, Nutrition, Health

Sarah Gulyamova

Olympic Weightlifting

Saul McArthur


Savannah Wishart

Recipes, Nutrition, Yoga, CrossFit

Scott Abramouski

Strength and Conditioning, Bodybuilding, CrossFit

Scott Iardella

Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen, Physical Therapy

Scott Thom

Strength and Conditioning, Basketball

Sean Manseau


Sean Waxman

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning

Shannon Franklin

Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning

Shannon Khoury

Strength and Conditioning

Shannon Neal

CrossFit, Family and Kids

Shawn Davidson

CrossFit, Military Fitness

Shawn Gerber

Endurance Sports, Triathlon, Running, Swimming, Cycling

Shawn Mozen

Kettlebells, Martial Arts

Shayna Dudak

CrossFit, Bodybuilding

Sima Tamaddon

Yoga, Mobility & Recovery

Simon Kidd


Spencer Nadolsky


Stefan Gehrig


Steph Gaudreau

Recipes, Nutrition, CrossFit

Stephanie Case

Running, Endurance Sports

Steve Di Tomaso

Sandbags, Strength and Conditioning, Endurance Sports, DVRT

Steve Gangemi

Chiropractic, Natural Movement, MovNat

Stew Smith

Military Fitness, Law Enforcement and Firefighters, Strength and Conditioning

Summer Innanen

Sport Psychology, Nutrition, Women's Fitness

Susan Harrell

Endurance Sports, Recipes, Nutrition

Tami Bellon

Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Women's Fitness

Tanner Baze

Strength Training

Tanner Martty

Strength and Conditioning

Tara Goodyear


Tarah Chieffi

Nutrition, Women's Fitness

Taylor Lewis

Strength and Conditioning

Teddy Kim


Terrance Gant

CrossFit, Football, Basketball

Terry Hadlow

Olympic Weightlifting

Tim Anderson

Strength Training, Bodyweight Exercise, Corrective Exercise

Tim Harrison

Food, Kettlebells

Tim Huntley

Mature Athletes

Timothy Bell

Bodyweight Exercise

Todd Kuslikis

Bodyweight Exercise

Todd Nief


Tom Gannon

Business, Coaching

Tom Hodgson

CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance Sports, Cycling

Tom Kelso

Strength and Conditioning

Tom Seryak

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit

Tommy Baker


Tori Garten

Nutrition, Women's Fitness, Cooking and Baking

Traver H. Boehm

Health, Men's Fitness

Trent Saunders

Sports Performance, Strength and Conditioning

Troy Dodson

Neurology-Based Sports Performance

Tyson Austin

Nutrition, Chiropractic

Ursula Garza Papandrea

Olympic Weightlifting

Valerie Worthington

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sport Psychology

Walter Urban

Strength Training, Powerlifting, Supplements

Wayne Fisher

Military Fitness

Wes Kennedy

Military Fitness, CrossFit

Wil Fleming

Olympic Weightlifting

Will Levy

Strength and Conditioning

Zac Martin

Strength and Conditioning

Zach Even-Esh

Strength Training, Strength and Conditioning

Zach Rocheleau

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting

Zen Gray

Women's Fitness

Breaking Muscle Team

Mindith Rahmat

Women's Fitness, Yoga, Natural Movement, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells

Chet Morjaria

Strength Training, Coaching

Nicole Crawford

Women's Fitness, Family and Kids, Yoga

Cara Kobernik

CrossFit, Running