Dini Leopoldo
Dini Leopoldo
United States, California, Ventura

Originally from San Paulo Brazil, Dini now resides in Ventura, California. Dini's desire to live a healthy, active lifestyle motivated her to become a certified kettlebell instructor.? "After trying many kinds of workouts over the years, I found incredible results with kettlebells. I transformed my body into a strong, sculpted body much quicker than with traditional exercises.”


Once Dini discovered the benefits of Russian kettlebells for herself and her clients, she decided to make kettlebells her specialty. ?Striving for excellence in this field, Dini obtained prestigious certifications, earning both the SFGI and SFGII kettlebell certifications, as well as the SFG Bodyweight certification. She is also a certified NASM trainer and educated in TRX Bands.


Dini teaches classes daily, and is always learning new ways to help her clients address their particular needs. Her work encompasses development in the areas of strength and overall fitness, as well as helping her clients in rehabilitative workouts after injuries.


Dini is committed to achieving maximum results using kettlebells. Her extensive knowledge in kettlebells? helps her clients achieve their goals much faster than cookie-cutter fitness workouts. Kettlebells can target problem areas while strengthening the entire body.


Knowledge, passion, and a positive “never quit” attitude with a results-oriented workout have made Dini a leader in the field of kettlebell training. Let her help you reach? your fitness goals for a stronger, leaner you!