Jon Reid


Jon Reid
United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Strength & Conditioning

Jon Reid is an Edinburgh based personal trainer. He owns Panthera Performance and is based out of a private personal training facility. He is an accredited strength and conditioning coach with both UKSCA and NSCA certifications as well as a first class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a post graduate diploma in strength and conditioning.


Jon began coaching the technical aspects of a variety of sports whilst helping friends with their physical training part-time. This was the beginning of his passion for the physical development of both athletes and recreational exercisers. Since then, Jon has amassed extensive experience in enhancing the athletic performance and body compositions of athletes and clients from a variety of sports and backgrounds.


Jon believes in an individualized approach. He focuses on applying quality movement, strength training, task specific conditioning and smart nutrition to each client's individual goal. This approach has led to impressive success with clients. Jon has also written two e-books: Panthera Female and Nutrition Simplified.


To find out more about Jon, check out his website, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or contact him via e-mail.