Kadya Araki


Kadya Araki

Kadya was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland. Growing up, she was surrounded by male siblings and cousins, and was constantly playing pick-up soccer games, basketball, and occasionally attempting to wrestle. The only girl amid a slew of boys, it was always important to her to be as strong as them. She loved all types of sports and athletic activities.


Years later, Kadya graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in government and politics. She was post LSAT and on a path to a career in law when she started doubting her choice. She took a year off, and after some consideration, realized that law wasn't for her. Her real passion is health and fitness.


For the past few years Kadya has delved into the health and fitness world in every aspect. A proponent of a natural, primal way of eating, she is particularly interested in sports nutrition and is currently working on her sports nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. She is also a bodybuilding enthusiast and devotes most of her free time to lifting weights in the gym.