Kari Lund


Kari Lund

Kari believes that everything leading to great health and performance begins with the foods we eat. Simple, nutritious food can make significant and long-term positive changes in health. In her late teen years, Kari was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. After giving up hope of ever feeling “normal” again, she turned to a whole foods and clean-eating lifestyle. Since doing so, she has seen incredible results in healing with food.


Providing tasty recipes and resources to help others live a more fulfilling life is highly motivating. Kari's personal victories have led her to create the whole-foods focused blog, Cooking Up Clean. Her recipes are a testament that healthy eating can be a visual feast and a delicious meal for the whole family.


When she’s not cooking up something great in the kitchen, you’ll find Kari out enjoying the outdoors, shooting archery, and gardening.