Riley Holland


Riley Holland
neuromuscular release

Riley Holland is the head coach of Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) and the author of The Secret Science of Mindset: How to Train Your Brain for Mental Toughness. With NRW as his core technique, Riley has been teaching and coaching a radical form of mindset and mental toughness training since 2009, with its foundation in the science of the brain and the nervous system as a whole.


From an early age, Riley has possessed a deep passion for understanding the mind and training it for peak performance and personal transformation. He started his quest in high school, initially to improve his performance in football, and later in various martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai kickboxing, judo, and jeet kune do. His journey brought him through years of study and practice in wide variety of mind-body disciplines and mental training methods, both ancient and modern, mainstream, and underground. These have included yoga, meditation, tai chi, chi kung, Jungian analysis, mindfulness, and self-inquiry practices, ayahuasca shamanism, and hypnosis. Riley also earned a B.A. in philosophy from University of Oregon and an M.A. in English from Portland State University, where he taught as a professor of writing.


Eventually his search for the ultimate form of mental training brought him to Neuromuscular Release Work, a powerful, physical method of transforming mindset on the level of the body and the brain. For Riley, NRW was the holy grail of mental toughness training: it provided profoundly powerful results, had grounding in science, and it consisted of straightforward, physical workouts that provided reliable, repeatable impact. After years of training with some of the few living masters of the technique, Riley has made NRW the foundation of his work, both on himself and with clients.


Now Riley has made it his mission to share NRW with the world, to push the conversation around mental training more toward science and empiricism, and to help his students and clients all over the world transform their minds on the deepest level, getting the deep and lasting results that are too often lacking with common, popular methods. You can learn more about Riley’s online training and coaching programs here, or download his free report, “The 5 Laws of Mental Toughness.”