Vickie Saunders


Vickie Saunders
United States

By her own description Vickie is not a great athlete - but what she lacks in athletic prowess she makes up for tenfold in her passion for helping other athletes get sponsored. Her adventure running partner Richard Bowles is responsible for Vickie's transition from her previous corporate marketing, as she helped him raise over $200,000 of sponsorship for his record-setting world runs.


In helping Bowles, Vickie realized that her decade in marketing, her previous years in a punk band (yep, mohawk and all), and her passion for helping people could all be combined into one amazing and exciting role. So, she created her own niche and now gets to work with athletes from all around the world, in every sport imaginable - from those who do breakdancing, roller derby, high diving, and gymnastics right through to track athletes, marathoners, and obstacle course racers.


Her creative energy, strategic approach, and passion for seeking and creating opportunities is the stuff that really helps other athletes see their own value and opportunities with sponsors, something that Vickie says is often the stumbling block of athletes seeking sponsorship.


When she's not working with athletes or consulting to businessess who sponsor them, she's often found trail running (Vickie and her partner are ambassadors for the 7 Peaks Run Challenge in Australia).