Conquer the Art of the Freestanding Handstand (Video)

Here’s a four step guide on how to master the skills of the freestanding handstand.

Welcome to our series featuring calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo. This week, Al provides a complete walk-through on how to get your first handstand, along with advanced progressions once you can perform the freestanding version.

  1. The first progression is to kick up into a wall-supported handstand. Make sure you squeeze your legs as close together as possible and maintain tightness in your core.
  2. Try a freestanding handstand. The tension in your core will help you to balance.
  3. Keep practicing until you can hold a steady unsupported handstand for about ten seconds.
  4. Finally, move onto transitioning into the handstand from the frogstand pose.

Most obstacles in learning the handstand are rooted in an athlete's fear of falling over. Don't let this intimidate you – kick up as hard as you need to. Your body knows how to catch itself if you fall.

The most important principle here is to practice, practice, and practice! To succeed with the handstand, you need to have experience and you need to be comfortable. Consistent practice will help you ingrain the motor patterns and master this impressive feat of body control.

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