Do This Quick Yoga Flow for a Calmer, Happier Holiday

Gain a centered place of gratitude and a dose of perspective with this quick yoga flow.

This quick and effective yoga flow opens the hips and encourages finding a place of calmness, gratitude, and perspective as we enter the holiday season.

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Yoga is not just about the poses we do on our mats, but also about the effect they can have on a deeper level. I started yoga reluctantly. What got me hooked was my inability to do poses, while I watched those around me whom I had predetermined to be non-athletes (not true, by the way) moving with such ease and grace. Although, my physical ability slowly changed, it’s the emotional and mental affects of yoga that keep me steady and dedicated.

The more yoga I did, the more “advanced” postures I was able to do. I started to notice there were shifts happening within. One of the major shifts was my ability to notice when I was agitated or my breath was uneven. I started to translate this into my sports. It gave me a greater sense of focus. I felt more energized because I didn’t waste energy taking on anything negative that was not serving me.

This quick flow is a great one for the stresses of the holidays because it opens your hips. Yogis believe your fear sits in the hips. Ever have a near miss in a car accident or some other fear-inducing situation and the adrenaline rushed to your hips? It is our flight-or-fight reflex and it is very real.

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In this quick segment, we are on opening up our fear center (the hips), as well as our hearts. Holiday parties can cause anxiety when you don’t know too many people or your families bombard you with questions you don’t want to or know how to answer. Staying calm, open, and fearless helps to make authentic connections and family relationships easier and deeper.

Do this flow and notice not only the physical changes but also the emotional changes.

Happy holidays!

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