Epitomie Fitness Foam Roller (Product Review)

This foam roller is affordable and portable with a unique honeycomb pattern.

I’ve been using a foam roller for self-myofascial release since I read Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson’s article, Feel Better for Ten Bucks, on T-Nation about ten years ago. The first roller I bought was the typical white polyethylene foam roller. Although this kind of roller is good for beginners, it's also the first to break down and become bowed in the middle with extensive use.

The Epitomie Fitness Foam Roller

A couple of months ago, I was sent the Epitomie Fitness Foam Roller for review, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Because it is built around a PVC pipe, the roller won’t become softer over time. It’s also easy to take with me anywhere I go. If you aren’t into reading reviews, I’ve also done a video review for your convenience.


  • PVC pipe hollow core
  • Honeycomb contoured grid foam covering
  • Portable size: 13” long, 5” diameter
  • Weight capacity of 550lb
  • Bonus: For a limited time, you can redeem the Full Body Foam Rolling DVD by mail redemption for free. Details on how to redeem are sent with foam roller.

As we get tossed around while training BJJ or do our best to control and submit others, our muscles develop knots, tightness, and adhesions. Massage therapy can become expensive, so BJJ athletes have been using foam rollers for self-myofacial release with great success. Rolling out muscles increases mobility and flexibility and eases nagging tightness and pain throughout the body. If you're interested in learning more, James Miller, the founder of BJJ Strength Training Systems, has provided several instructional videos for using foam rollers on his YouTube channel.

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Quality and Effectiveness

I can easily take the Epitomie roller with me anywhere, but during my review, I mostly used it at home in the mornings. I was having issues with my bed and was stiff and sore upon waking. When I got out of bed, I’d start with this foam roller for larger muscles across my back and on my legs. Then I’d switch out to a RAD Roller for my spine and a stick massage tool for my neck. When I rolled my back using the Epitomie roller, I always felt as though my back was falling back into alignment. Was it really? Maybe not, but it felt good.

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The roller's honeycomb pattern is designed to mimic the fingers of a massage therapist. When I think about my massage therapy sessions, what comes to mind is the therapist’s elbows. Always the elbows. I didn’t notice a huge difference between my smooth roller and the honeycomb pattern in this roller, but I prefer not to have thick protrusions like elbows digging into my muscles, so it worked for me. I found the diameter was ideal and provided great leverage for rolling.


I love that the Epitomie Fitness Foam Roller is portable. Since it has a PVC pipe at its core, you can store items in the middle and not lose that space in your gym bag. You can also thread your shoulder strap through the roller and carry it with you outside of your gym bag. The roller is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. It is also washable, so you don’t have to worry about your stinky body ruining it forever.


As always, I checked the shipping options on Amazon to see how much it would cost to get to Canada and the United States. When I tried my home address, Amazon informed me the product wasn’t available for shipping to my address. So Canada, you’re out of luck. For Americans shipping is free, so enjoy! When I did a web search, I also found a code for the Fitness Foam Roller, so try your luck with code FRDEAL10 to get $10.50 off.

My Recommendation

Epitomie Fitness has hit it out of the park with their new foam roller. From what I understand, the company is always working on expanding their product line, so make sure you follow them on Facebook and YouTube to keep informed of sales and revolutionary new products.

The Epitomie Fitness Foam Roller is available for $42.00 at Amazon.com.

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