Exploring Parallels of Sport and Dance (Video)

What makes sport and dance the same? Is sport an art form? Is dance a sport? Watch the video, explore the parallels, and make your own mind up.



Sometimes, you come across a video that purports to give you answers, but ends up leaving you with more questions. This is one of those times. And that is what makes this video so enthralling to watch and so thought-provoking to listen to.

This video features dancer and actor Harry Shum, Jr., and is directed by filmmaker Cole Walliser. These two talents combine to explore the parallels between seemingly disparate forms of movement. We see ballet versus motocross, tricking versus freeriding, and breakdancing versus skateboarding, to name a few.

Along the way, we are asked a number of questions:

Some questions are answered through what we are watching. Others are answered through what Shum is saying. And a few are left for you work out for yourself. Watch, explore the parallels, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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