10 Pointers for Making More Powerful Resolutions

As we approach the end of another year, the thought of New Year’s resolutions are on most people’s minds. Here are ten articles to help you approach this year’s resolutions in a better way.

As we approach the end of one year, and the beginning of another, the thought of New Year’s resolutions are on most people’s minds. There’s also another thought on people’s minds – how last year’s resolutions quickly became non-resolute. Here are ten articles to help you approach this year’s resolutions in a better way, a way that is meaningful, and a way that sticks.

New Year, New You: Set a New Intention For The New Year in 5 Simple Steps (Mindith Rahmat)

With the New Year fast approaching, and resolutions floating around, take a moment to clear the mind and focus on setting a new intention.

New Year’s Resolutions – The Hard Way (Nick Horton)

If you added up all of the failed resolutions you’ve made over your life, and all of those you will fail at, what would that leave for that poor person who is writing your obituary? Not much.

7 Fitness Items You Need to Start the New Year Right (Zen Gray)

Most people I know would like to whittle down body fat so I’ve put together a basic list of fitness items needed so people can hit the ground running (literally) on New Year’s Day.

The Death of Fear: 5 Pieces of Advice for New Year’s Resolutions (Danette “Dizzle” Rivera)

I’ve found the sweet spot of setting a goal intriguing enough to set me in motion yet obtainable if I roll up my sleeves without it being soul-crushingly hard. Here are my tips for resolution setting.

New Year’s Resolutions For Weightlifters (Dresdin Archibald)

If I could make resolutions for weightlifters, retired lifters, prospective lifters, coaches, and more, here’s what they would be. What would the weightlifting world look like if these happened?

A (Tongue-in-Cheek) Set of Grappler’s New Year’s Resolutions (Valerie Worthington)

The grapplers out there are probably spending their holiday training. And they are also fun to poke fun at. Here are some new years’ resolutions that reflect the life of a grappler.

The Proper Way to Plan and Set Goals for the New Year (Simon Kidd)

New Year is a good time to reflect upon things past and make plans for the future. As Mark Twain said, “Plan for the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”

4 Keys for Making and Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution (Valerie Worthington)

Whatever your goals are for the new year, there are some simple ways to increase your success. Follow these 4 steps, and let’s work together toward our goals. We’ll be more successful that way!

Putting Plans Into Action: Make Your Resolution Happen! (Tim Huntley)

New to fitness and trying to figure out how to put your New Year’s resolution in action? Tim Huntley outlines how he got started toward his goals at the age of 44 and is making it happen!

4 Simple Fitness Resolutions You Overlooked (Sarah Bolandi)

How are the New Year resolutions going? Did you pick something too big or maybe need some baby-steps to get you to your goals? Here are 4 simple things you can change right now.

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