10 Top 10 Lists of 2013 (Plus Editor’s Top 10 Picks)

At the turn of the year, it’s nice to sit back and take a look at the top articles of the year gone by. Here they are along with an overall Breaking Muscle top 10 and “Editors Picks.”

It’s easy to get caught up in all the awesome new material that comes out each day from our inspiring team of coaches and writers. It’s equally as easy to miss some really great stuff. So at the turn of the year, it’s nice to sit back and take a look at the top articles of the year gone by. Here they are separated out into topics, along with an overall Breaking Muscle top 10 and a selection of “Editors Picks” to round things off. Happy reading!

Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2013

We have assembled a team of nutrition experts, each with different specialities, to present you with a wide range of topics and opinions on the subject of nutrition.

Top 10 Mobility Articles of 2013

Whether you’re a powerlifter, martial artist, or CrossFit athlete, you can probably use a little help with mobility. These articles cover everything from screening, to squats, to foam rollers.

Top 10 Women’s Fitness Articles of 2013

This top ten list of articles is for the female athletes out there who want to get stronger, feel better, and celebrate the female form in athletics and otherwise.

Top 10 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Articles of 2013

With more and more people taking to the mats, Brazilian jiu jitsu was a popular topic in 2013. We featured a range of excellent articles covering all aspects of the sport.

Top 10 CrossFit Articles of 2013

CrossFit was definitely a hot topic this year at Breaking Muscle. Here are our top 10 most popular articles on CrossFit from 2013!

Top 10 Kettlebell Articles of 2013

This year’s top ten articles cover a whole spectrum of training tips and applications for kettlebells, including how to combine kettlebells and sandbags, an interview with Valery Fedorenko, and more!

Top 10 Health and Fitness Books of 2013

2013 was a great year for fitness geeks who like to curl up with a good book. Here are the top ten fitness, nutrition, and health books that we reviewed this year. Have you read them all?

Top 10 Olympic Weightlifting Articles of 2013

Year upon year, it seems that more people step into the world of weightlifting. Luckily, we have a selection of weightlifting experts on hand to keep you stepping in the right direction.

Top 10 Sports Psychology Articles of 2013

Here at Breaking Muscle we want to help you become better at every aspect of training, including the mental side. These ten articles cover visualization, self-image, goal-setting, and more.

Breaking Muscle Top 10 Articles of 2013

If you were stranded on an island with just ten articles to read, we think this would be a good list. We looked at all the numbers from 2013 and these ten articles came out on top.

Editor’s Picks: The 10 Must-Read Articles From 2013

These articles are funny and clever, researched and knowledged. Of the many articles we published last year, here are ten of my favorites that I believe you need to experience and learn from.

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