2 Kettlebell Exercises to Create Incredible Trunk Power

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How to Perform Clock-Stoppers

Now it’s time for Clock-Stoppers. It is a similar movement, except you do not do a figure eight pass between the legs. Instead, with each rep you hand switch behind your back. The KB travels around the body and not down between the legs. It’s a shorter and faster movement than the F8toH. Hence, you will understand why I call them Clock-Stoppers.




A nice bonus of the Clock-Stoppers is that after each catch at the top, you can now push the KB back downward diagonally across the body and impart a stronger force to overcome on the next hinge back movement. This loads the glutes and hams tremendously.


Since you are changing from a right upper-cut to a left upper-cut on every rep, I simply count each rep for each side as I do it. So, five reps of this and you have actually performed ten total reps (five left + five right). Ten reps each side gives you twenty total reps.


"Don’t get too fatigued and start performing sloppy reps. That’s a sure ticket to an injury."

Be careful, as these can really smoke you when you first start doing sets of ten. You are creating a ton of tension and explosive ability. Work up to five to ten sets of five to ten reps. Five sets of five reps with a heavy KB is tough. You can do higher reps and sets, but use a medium weight KB for that approach. In any case, don’t get too fatigued and start performing sloppy reps. That’s a sure ticket to an injury.


You might actually work the F8toH one day and then several days later do the Clock-Stoppers (CSs). Perform the F8toH with a medium weight KB and the CSs with a heavier weight. You will find with the CSs you can really crank since you can throw the KB back down rather than just let it fall, and this loads the body. Trying to throw the KB down in the Figure of Eight doesn’t flow as smoothly as the CSs.


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