9 Insights on Swimming and CrossFit by Hannah Caldas

Hannah Caldas is an international level swimmer with an impressive array of accolades, as well as being a competitive CrossFitter. Here are nine of Hannah’s articles using her combined experience.

Hannah Caldas is an international level swimmer with an impressive array of accolades. She has claimed FINA masters world records in three different relays, and in 2011 was ranked by FINA as the fastest masters female swimmer in the world over the age of thirty in the 50m and 100m Freestyle.

In 2012, she competed in the CrossFit Open and Southwest Regionals while simultaneously training and competing in swimming. She uses this combined experience to put together our frogman workouts, designed to improve your overall strength and conditioning while also improving your technique and agility in the water. Here are nine of Hannah’s articles on both swimming and CrossFit.

How to Swim Faster: It’s All in Your Head

You want to swim faster, but your legs are too muscly and they weigh you down? Well, the REAL problem is in your head. No, you’re not crazy, but your head position and technique may be.

CrossFit Makes You Better at Your Sport – Even Pro Athletes

I believe that even professional athletes can benefit from doing CrossFit – it could make them better at their sport. Recently I met a world-class rower who feels the same and spoke with his coaches.

Rehab Your Back Injury With Swimming, Not Surgery

When I was faced with back surgery, I used swimming instead to rehabilitate myself. I made a full recovery and research shows swimming is a great tool for back/spine injury rehab.

In Pursuit of the Elusive Double Unders

Double unders are one of the most frustrating movements in CrossFit. Trust me, I know. Here is what I’ve learned about how to do a double under – it’s part technique and part equipment.

Swimming and the CrossFit Games: Why Is It Everyone’s Weak Link?

4x CrossFit Games competitor Shana Alverson talks about the trauma of the swim component. How is it that swimming derails even the best of the best? And why is Shana calling herself out?

Swimming Goggles: Why You Need Them, How to Shop For Them

For a lot of beginners picking out the right pair of goggles can be daunting – which model, which features, and how to fit them all seems confusing. Here are my tips for finding the perfect pair.

Thinking Outside the Box: Strongman Training for Swimming

Maybe you’ve heard about U.S. swimming superstar Ryan Lochte using strongman training to become a better swimmer. I’ve used them, too, and here are my recommendations for the best exercises.

The Next Generation of CrossFit: Meet Wonder Kids Kanon and Isaac

Meet Kanon Kayyem and Isaac Carrillo, two of the next CrossFit generation. It has not only taught them about community and nutrition, but enables them to do things like 100+ burpees in 10 min.

Dangers of Open Water Swimming: Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

If you practice open water swimming, you should know the dangers involved. This includes the occurrence of hypothermia or hyperthermia. Learn how to recognize and treat these deadly situations.