Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 12 – Ramping Up the Food

Rather than cutting down a weight class, Chris has decided to head the other direction – now it is time for heavier weights and more food!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the Athlete Journal of world champion powerlifter Chris Duffin. Follow Chris as he trains and competes in various events over the coming year. Chris’s journal will be posted every Tuesday. You can also read about Chris on his personal website

Ramping Up the Food

This week I was back at training again, but having trouble getting any volume in my workouts. Ramping up my food intake as well, so seeing some softening in my appearance already.


After being sick and traveling the last week I flew back into town on Saturday evening. Hadn’t slept much on the business trip so I was pretty shot when I got in. But after the long deload, I was anxious to get back into the gym. However I also had a busy Sunday ahead, dealing with a rental property and wanted to spend time with the family. Set the alarm for O-dark thirty for a Sunday pulling session.

Fasted training with USP Labs fasted training protocol.


135×5 Sumo

135×5 Conventional

225×3 Sumo

225×3 Conventional

315×2 Sumo

315×2 Conventional

405×2 Sumo

405×2 Conventional

495×1 Sumo

495×1 Conventional

585×1 Sumo

585×1 Conventional

645×1 Sumo

645×1 Conventional

700×1 Sumo

700×1 Conventional

BW Chins x 50 reps (4 sets)

Figured the family was waking up so I headed home, plus I was beat from training on with little sleep.


Bench press





Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press

88×0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

53×6 sets of 6-10reps (walking)

Band Overhead Triceps Extensions

2 sets


Box Squats to 14.5” box






650×1, 3

Got out of groove on first set missing second rep but came back and hit it for a triple

AFS Leg Press

600×8, 8


Wasn’t planning on lifting, but was in the gym getting it setup for a powerlifting competition for the next day and someone was doing 225 for reps on the bench. I decided to give it a go. Without a warmup it hurt and was really slow unti I hit about 15 reps, then I started pumping them out.

225×40?, 34

I counted 40 but I wasn’t all the serious about keeping track when I started due to how slow they felt, so I had trouble believing the number. I waited a bit and hit it again for a second set and did 34. So first set was somewhere higher than 34 but less than 40. Wish I knew as it would have been a rep PR.

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press

53×4 sets of 6-10reps (walking)

Goodies affecting the waistline: