Athlete Journal: Ingrid Kantola, Entry 7 – 4/2/12

26 days. 26 days until Ingrid competes in San Antonio in the CrossFit Games Regionals. She competes as an individual, with the dream of continuing on to the Games themselves.

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Ingrid Kantola – Athlete Journal 4/2/12

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26 days.

26 days until the South Central Regionals.

26 days of work.

26 days of focus.

26 days of conscious decision making.

26 days.

In 17 days the Regional workouts are announced. Last year we had about a month to practice the movements and format of the Regional workouts before our competition. This year we have 9 days.

This adds to the unknowable factor quite a bit and will make our region a little less prepared for the workouts, however I think this will work to my advantage. I am a pretty versatile athlete and can adapt well to whatever is thrown at me. Considering that I felt the “repeat” of the pyramid Fran workout to be my worst, I thrived through the Open doing workouts that we had never done before.

We have decided the Roster for our team at CrossFit Central. Jeremy Thiel, Michael Winchester, Travis Holley, Carey Kepler, Jessica Stephen, and Jessica Estrada will be representing CrossFit Central on the Team side and I will be going Individual along with Karen Pierce. Our team is working together to develop programming pulled from many different minds at our own box, as well as other coaches and boxes that we follow.

For the next 26 days, my schedule will be fairly similar to what I have been doing all year:

  • Monday – Possible Double Day with Whitney AM, De-Load Sesssion PM
  • Tuesday – Strictly Strength AM, Strength WOD Later AM, PM Bikram Yoga
  • Wednesday – PM WOD, Evening Oly Lifting or Track Work
  • Thursday – Bikram Yoga
  • Friday – AM Strength WOD, PM Games WOD
  • Saturday – De-Load
  • Sunday – Team WOD, Bikram Yoga

The session with Whitney will depend on her schedule and will probably be a skill work and lifting combination as we have been doing recently. We will meet on either Mondays or Wednesdays depending on her schedule. The de-load session is mainly mobility with some slow work thrown in. By slow work I mean slow/heavy prowler pushes and heavy kettlebell carries.

Tuesday I will stick with Strictly Strength class with Travis Holley (welcome him and his Athlete Journal to Breaking Muscle on Tuesday!) and I am lucky that I get to work out with PregoFit herself, Lisa Thiel. While Lisa is not crushing workouts in the same way she used to, she is one of my favorite training partners and just being on the same platform with her is inspiring, no matter what she has growing in her belly.

Wednesdays I will be adding a session later in the evening if I’m not meeting up with Whitney. I need an extra session to do a bit more Oly lifting and to get more endurance work on the track.

Rest days will be Thursdays and Saturdays.

Fridays we will be doing a version of one of the WODs from the 2011 Games. We will modify for equipment we don’t have, for example: monkey bars. But we are going to go heavy and hard.

I am incredibly excited about the next 26 days. I have the greatest training partners, coaches, and physical therapists on my side as supporters. I am very lucky that I am surrounded by the best in the business and I can’t wait to get to the stage in San Antonio!