Athlete Journal: Peter Egyed, Entry 3 – 3/6/12

Find out how week two of the CrossFit Games went for Peter Egyed and why he believes in the importance of ATTITUDE.


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Peter Egyed – Athlete Journal 3/6/12

(Read Peter’s Bio here – he is a veteran of FOUR CrossFit Games!)


Your attitude makes all the difference in life and this sport of CrossFit. Looking back at week two of the Open and waiting for the third, let’s check our attitude. Remember, just like our individual weaknesses and strengths, how one person is motivated to attack a workout is not how another will attack that same workout and the results will prove that. What is important is that we are training hard and smart, enjoying what we do and keeping this a sustainable endeavor.

The snatch has always been a weakness of mine, so 12.2 raised some emotions. Fortunately, I have been aware of where my lifts have ranked for some time. At the 2009 Games, after six events, I pulled 185 pounds. The following year at the USAW Open in Colorado, I pulled 201 pounds. Today, I am a kilo short of 220 but aiming much higher. This has been a modest gain which I am proud of but it’s still leagues below fellow Games competitors. After Regionals in 2011 and a little time spent healing, I dedicated myself to improving my Olympic lifts. Over the years, I have been able to spend a few days with great coaches such as Mike Burgener and Matt Foreman. Now, I feel like I have the tools and direction for improvement. Subsequently, workout 12.2 gave me the chance to see how I am progressing.

Snatching 210 pounds during a weightlifting session would provide great working loads. However, fatigue and snatching 90 reps under ten minutes produced some doubts in my mind. With that said I was still excited and optimistic about scoring well under the time cap. We always need to stay positive even when our poorer events come up, because it gives us a chance to measure progress. While I didn’t place very high in the world, region or even the event I attended, I have made progress and any progress is always good.

Heading into week three and Regionals, we need to keep our attitude positive. We are training to better ourselves first and foremost. If we win or place high in the process that’s an added bonus. Keep your body sharp, yet healthy and rested. Think about everything in your life that’s changing, make sure families and businesses are growing. Fellow affiliates, think about how many other lives you are affecting and helping, which for me often outweighs any personal achievements. So lets keep training to better ourselves, but we’ll definitely try to win while we are at it.