Become Cooler and Calmer Through Sitali Breathing (Video)

Willow Ryan


Portland, Oregon, United States


In today's Feel Your Anatomy module, we will look at a Forrest yoga breathing exercise called Sitali, along with some basic anatomy. Through this exercise you will feel your breath travel through your body and observe the deep calming effect it has.


Sitali is a cooling breath. It helps to calm down the parasympathetic nervous system. It is done with your mouth open and your tongue curled. If you can't curl your tongue, do it using your thumb and finger. Try to curl your lips to help with this.


You inhale Sitali and exhale Ujjayi. Do five rounds and feel for the cooling air moving back into the top of your throat. Through many breaths, become more focused as to how far you can feel this cooling effect throughout your body. Work on taking it from the chest down to the diaphragm. This isn't just a cooling effect for external environmental heat. It can also help to cool and calm what is going on in your mind.


Repetition creates new wiring to the brain. Repeat three to five times a day, until you decrease the delay between thinking about it and doing it.

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