Don’t Judge Your Wealth Without Your Health

Are you fit enough to appreciate success or wealth? Maybe you need to look at wealth and health as being intractably bound together.

My brother, Daniel Tromello, and I are both in the business of mentoring and helping people be the best they can be. We have always been active and successful in competitive sports but are also able to share our experiences and teaching with trainees of all ages and levels today in our businesses. While I enjoy being a trainer and owning a gym, Precision CrossFit, I would much rather spend time with my kids when I can then try and make more money. So, I think it’s interesting to try and explore what that means for everyone.

This is the first podcast Daniel and I have ever done together. We hope it’s the first of many to get hosted here on Breaking Muscle Podcast. In it, we go over our family’s background and how it shaped our own paths from childhood to the present day. I guess you can say it starts with one of my favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption, and my favorite quote, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” We look at how our decisions impact the way life treats us and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that people are dying because they’re just not doing what they need to do to live.

Ultimately, as we age, we focus on the things that matter. It’s really about living for and with your loved ones. Living long, living healthy, and that’s wealth enough. You can’t measure success like that by looking at your bank account. You probably never have to if you make the choice.