Fearless: Freerunning Roof Gaps (Friday Flicks)

Sometimes, we come across a video that makes us stop whatever we are doing and watch with a wide open mouth and fast beating heart. This is one of those videos.


Watch professional freerunners Jason Paul, Tim Shieff, and Anan Anwar take to the rooftops for an insane demonstration of jumping across roof gaps.


The fearlessness of these athletes is one thing. Their precision is something else entirely. That being said, the precision and technical ability of these freerunners is a big part of their confidence and lack of fear to perform the jumps. Watch the video to find out what the runners feel is the hardest part of freerunning roof gaps. You might be surprised!


Check back each Friday for a new, fun, fitness-related video to kickstart your weekend. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!

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