Friday Flicks: Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters

Welcome to the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!


If you've seen Damien Walters in action before, you won't be surprised to see him take on this human loop-the-loop challenge. If you haven't, then before you do anything else, watch this clip of him in action and prepare to be astounded. Damien is a former gymnast turned freerunner, international parkour phenomenon, and stunt double. And this is one insane stunt.


We'll let you in on a secret - Damien completes the challenge. But the interesting thing for us is what it takes for him to shift his mindset to the do-or-die mentality required to go full circle.

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