Friday Flicks: Kettlebell Training in the Snow

Welcome to the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!


It's that strange time between Christmas and New Year. Many people are in a no-man's land, having finished up with last year's goals, while waiting to attack next year's resolutions. Coupled with this, the cold winter has officially set in for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and the abundance of food we have eaten doesn't help. 


This makes it the perfect time to get out and play, with little planning or preparation. Grab a kettlebell, or the object of your choice, and indulge in some fun. Throw it, juggle it, swing it, whatever takes your fancy. Take a look at this video of kettlebell training in the snow for some inspiration.

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