From Grok to Groupon: 12 Articles to Debunk Common Fitness Myths

Here are twelve articles to dispel common fitness myths, and set you back on the straight and narrow.

The internet allows for easy sharing of information – but it also allows misinformation to spread quickly too. This can cause all manner of myths and dangers to be accepted as fact. But never fear! Here are twelve articles to dispel these myths and set you back on the straight and narrow.

The 7 Fitness Myths (i.e. Total B.S.) You Need to Know (Nick Horton)

Seven things you might think you know about fitness…that just aren’t true at all. Start your New Year on the right foot, with some real knowledge about how to reach your fitness goals.

The Dirty Little Secret of the Female Athlete: Cellulite (Vanessa Bennington)

I have a secret. It’s one I’ve been trying to cover it up since I was thirteen. I felt that my secret would lead people to believe I was fat, lazy, gross, and unattractive. Do you share my secret?

10 Myths About Olympic Weightlifting That Need to Stop (Dresdin Archibald)

Weightlifting is often misunderstood by the general public and, sadly, by people in other sports as well. Here are the top ten biggest myths about weightlifting, and why they’re totally untrue.

Hot Yoga: The Dangers and Myths You Need to Know (Amber Larsen)

Hot yoga is a huge craze, but is it safe? There are some things you need to know about how the body handles heat so you can decide if hot yoga is good for you.

Grok Didn’t Eat Oatmeal and Other “Directionally Accurate” Paleo Myths (Keith Norris)

Those who disparage the Paleo diet often cite the mythical caveman “Grok” as evidence exhibit A. Let me explain why Grok is essential for changing people’s lifestyles and health.

Fuzzy Science: 3 Claims About Yoga That Just Aren’t True (Bethany Eanes)

Have you ever been in yoga class and heard, “The organs are like a dirty sponge, and we are ringing them out to detoxify the body?” Then you wonder, “Are we really? Does that really work?”

Myths About Disc Bulges: They Are Not Forever – But Training Is (Andrew Lock)

Let me shine a light for you in the darkness of the back pain night. Disc bulges and injuries are not forever, but there are some important things to know about treatment.

The Myth of Groupon: 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Offering an Email Deal (Tom Gannon)

Let’s look at what really happens when you do a heavily discounted email offer like Groupon, including the potential for insulting your current clients and the tiny amount you actually earn.

5 Myths About Meditation (Mindith Rahmat)

A myriad of research that has demonstrated the positive effects of a meditation practice on stress, physical health, chronic pain, sleep, mood, concentration, and athletic performance.

2 Myths About Women and Weight Lifting Debunked (Andrew Read)

It’s long been female gym folklore that to get lean you do high reps with a light load, while those looking to get bigger need to lift heavy. Let’s look at some misconceptions around this advice.

Spot Reduction: One Final Attempt to Kill the Myth (Tom Kelso)

The attempt to spot-reduce body fat. It should be dead and buried, but it lives on. It’s a pursuit that just doesn’t go away. It’s time to add one more nail to the coffin.

Size Matters, Bro! The Misinterpretation of the Henneman Size Principle (Winslow Jenkins)

Broscience is all over the gym. Even where you least suspect it. Maybe you’ve heard of muscle recruitment and the Henneman Size Principle. Did you know most people have it all wrong in application?

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