Get Ready for Handstands: Positional Core Strength

These drills will not only build strength, but help build body awareness of a proper handstand position.

This is the fourth part of a comprehensive handstand video series that will bring you toward a strong and stable free-standing handstand.

While this video will bring benefit to your training regardless of your current fitness or goals, it is intended as part of the larger series. I encourage you to check out all of the preceding parts:

Building the Handstand Position and Strength

This week’s video begins the second prong of a three-facet approach to building a strong and stable handstand. The first three parts focused on developing the requisite mobility of the wrist, shoulders, and thoracic spine. Now begins the work to build a strong and proper handstand alignment.

This video not only offers core strengthening exercises that directly contribute to handstands, but includes drills to learn and groove in awareness of proper handstand position.