Introducing the 300 Swings a Day, 30-Day Kettlebell Challenge for Those Who Want to Blast Fat, Boost Muscle, and Build 'Kettlebooty'


What if we told you that in just thirty days, and for less than thirty minutes a day, you could have a leaner, harder physique and vastly improved movement quality by performing just one essential exercise? Would you be interested in committing to the challenge and getting awesome results? If so, then our 300 Swings a Day, 30-Day Kettlebell Challenge is for you.



Certainly, this challenge is not for everyone. It requires a strong commitment, and a willingness to do EXACTLY what we say for thirty days, in order to help you reach your goals quickly, and safely. If this sounds like you, then we invite you to read on and enter the challenge below.


Enter the 300 Swings a Day, 30-Day Kettlebell Challenge

  1. Sign up for the Breaking Muscle newsletter and download our free eBook to learn how to safely and properly swing a kettebell. You will be prompted to download the book after you enter your name and email address.
  2. Email with your bio (just a few sentences), reasons for participating, and “before pic" - by March 3rd.
  3. Perform 300 kettlebell swings each day for thirty days in March.
  4. Each day, tweet @300swings or #300swings that you did your swings. For bonus points, post a picture of your kettlebell (think of the most creative or interesting places).
  5. Ask for help - use the community and coaches for help and motivation.
  6. Have fun!
  7. At the end of the challenge, when you finish your 9,000th swing, email us with ?your “after” pic and the details of the changes you experienced. Weight and ?measurements are good, and habit and lifestyle changes are very good.


The challenge kicks off TODAY, March 1, 2014 and runs the length of March. (And yes, we know there are 31 days in March - you get to pick one day off for yourself somewhere in there. Choose wisely!)


And don't miss out on one of the biggest bonuses of this challenge - free feedback, advice, and support from kettlebell experts and an awesome like-minded community. Click the link below to head over to our forums and discuss the challenge.


Let the swings begin!