Max Shank's Ultimate Athlete Training Template

Max Shank


Encinitas, California, United States

Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Martial Arts



The Training Template

Now that we have our movements and parameters laid out, we just have to organize our daily training session. The template works like this:



  • Skill/Vision


  • Power


  • Upper Push
  • Lower Pull


  • Upper Pull
  • Lower Push


  • Accessory/Core



  • Conditioning


Fairly simple. The beauty is you just plug and play the exercises into their respective categories.


This leads us to your workout for the next four weeks:




3 Minutes:

  • Single-Leg Balance With Ball Throw and Catch or Juggling


3 Rounds:

  • Vertical Jump x 5
  • Glute Bridge x 10


Strength Block 1 (15:00)

  • L-Sit to Handstand (or L-sit or Handstand) x 5 reps
  • Deadlift or Single-Leg Deadlift x 5 reps
  • Mobility Drill



Strength Block 2 (15:00)

  • Front Lever Progression
  • Airborne Lunge or Squat x 5
  • Mobility Drill


3 Rounds:

  • Push Ups x 10+
  • Rows x 10+


5 Rounds:

  • Sprints or Kettlebell Swings - Finisher, Interval Style


Perform the above workout three to six times per week. When performing the strength blocks, notice there is no set number of sets. There is a time block of fifteen minutes, which you could increase.


This is not “as many rounds as possible.” This is just a way to organize and be efficient with your time. I suggest you put a mobility drill into each superset to force you to rest adequately before repeating the superset.


One recommendation: If you do single-leg deadlifts, do squats on that day. If you do regular deadlifts, do airborne lunges. This way you always get the benefits of both heavy lifting and single-leg work.


Now You Know the Secret

Rather than give you a fish, I’m going to teach you to fish for the next four weeks. If you stick with the basic template above, you will make progress. You also have the leeway to modify just like a pro by understanding how to organize and categorize your movements.


Understand the cost and benefit of everything you do, choose the things that give you the best ROI, and make sure you have some fun while doing it. This is the key to becoming your best version of the Ultimate Athlete.


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