Raising and Coaching Healthy Kids: Meet Our Kids’ Fitness Team!

Fitness is a habit best begun in youth. Learn more about each of our kids’ fitness experts.

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The next generation of fitness starts now, and parents, coaches, and caregivers have the privelige to pass on their knowledge. Our team of kids’ coaches understands the importance of helping kids pursue athletics in a healthy, age-appropriate way.

Thanks to our amazing team of kids’ writers, we’ve acquired a sizable library of resources to help you choose the best sport for your child and keep him or her fit and active. Here is a bit about each team member and his or her perspective on kids’ fitness:

Jeanne Goodes

Former Marine Jeanne Goodes knows a thing or two about working with children of all ages and backgrounds. While living in Japan, she worked as the strength and conditioning coach for the Japanese elite adolescent baseball team, and has coached adolescents in many other settings. Her articles are an immense resource for parents and coaches, covering topics from growing pains, to hydration, to being a good sports parent.

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Becca Borawski Jenkins

In addition to being a founding member of CrossFit Los Angeles, Becca Borawski Jenkins founded the CrossFit LA Kids program in 2010. Becca taught kids ages five to seventeen and drew a lot of wisdom from her experience. A strong believer in starting fitness from a young age, Becca’s articles delve into the benefits of CrossFit for kids and how to encourage kids to engage in fitness by making it fun, whether that happens through skateboarding or comic books.

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Rich Kite

Rich Kite is an Olympic weightlifting coach who is also passionate about making the Olympic lifts accessible to kids. If you teach Olympic weightlifting – or any form of strength training – to children, don’t miss his articles on preparing kids for weightlifting and adapting training to children’s specific physiological development.

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David Varnes

David Varnes and his wife opened the International Academy of Matsumoto in 2010. He currently lives in Japan, where he works as an English teacher and trainer. David is a wealth of knowledge on all things kid-related, from encouraging your children to eat healthy food, to fighting for physical education in schools, to steroid use in youth athletes.

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Mike Tromello

If you’re looking for some solid programming for kids, Mike Tromello is your guy. Mike is an accomplished strength and conditioning coach with extensive experience coaching athletes of all ages. Mike’s articles provide insight into the benefits of strength training for kids and how to program workouts that are age-appropriate.

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Nicole Crawford

As a pregnancy exercise specialist and mom of three young children, Nicole Crawford’s primary interest is fitness during the early years – and that means infancy, not elementary school. Nicole’s articles focus on the benefits of exercise for young children, healthy eating for kids, and the importance of healthy movement habits from a young age.

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