Straighten, Then Strengthen: A Pre-Workout Movement Menu

Maryann Berry


San Diego, California, United States

Strength and Conditioning, Mobility & Recovery


Trying to progress through a fitness program with muscular imbalances and incorrect posture will only reinforce your pre-existing dysfunctions. Instead of doing this, try a pre-workout movement menu.


The focus of a pre-workout menu is to straighten your body first, then strengthen the properly recruited musculature. Correcting the underlying dysfunctions first gives you a stable foundation upon which you can build.


Do the four exercises featured in this video immediately prior to working out:


  1. Standing windmill - Promotes extension throughout the entire spine, strengthen proper shoulder positioning, and promotes balance and equal weight distribution.
  2. Kneeling ankle squeezes - Activates the glutes.
  3. Sitting knee pillow squeezes - Activates the adductor muscle group and stabilizes the pelvic. Encourages pelvic and lumbar extension.
  4. Airbench - Sets your hips in neutral.


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