Super D Video: Chest and Shoulder Mobility (Plus a Tip for Elbow Pain)

Donnie Thompson


Irmo, South Carolina, United States

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Today we are taking a look at three parts of the body that often need attention if you are lifting regularly. These are the chest, the shoulder, and the elbow.


We will start with the chest. For the bigger lifter, a lacrosse ball can be too small. So we'll use an indoor shot-put instead, and take look at how to use it effectively. You will feel it working straight away!


Next, we will check out a simple way to fix pain in the elbow. For this we will use, a floss band, a stretch band and a hand expander band.


Finally, seeing as most of us spend most of our time with our shoulders hunched forward, it's no surprise that sometimes they refuse to comply. We'll work with a couple of bands to restore your shoulders back to proper function.

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