Super D Video: Treating Lower Back Pain

Donnie Thompson


Irmo, South Carolina, United States

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

People call me Super D, but my full name is Donnie Thompson. I'm a retired powerlifter and now I specialize in physical therapy and helping other athletes be strong and mobile, and to prevent or recover from injury. I'll be sharing a video with you each week from now on, showing you my favorite exercises, for strength and/or mobility.


This week we talk about one of the most common problems - lower back pain. I am going to show you a couple simple exercises you can use to mobilize and loosen up your lower back. You need some rubber bands and something to attach them to overhead. We're going to use some suspension techniques, so you might look a little silly, but I promise it will help - it helped me get through three herniated discs!

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