Video: Ben Musholt - 3 Dive Bomber Push Up Variations

Ben Musholt


Portland, Oregon, United States

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise, Parkour


In this video, Ben starts with the classic dive bomber push up and creates three separate variations. Each of these make the dive bomber an even more challenging movement. These variations are: 


  • Wall-plank dive bomber - Place your feet low on the wall. Get into a crouched plank to start. Perform a dive bomber push up from there.
  • Renegade row dive bomber - Perform a dive bomber push up with the dumbbells in your hands. Then finish with a renegade row.
  • BOSU ball dive bomber - Turn the BOSU ball upside down and clasp your hands on either side. Perform a dive bomber push up while remaining stable.


Have a play with these and let us know how they feel!

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