Video: Hip Opening Exercises for Olympic Weightlifters

Drew Dillon


Columbus, Ohio, United States

Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Do you break a sweat getting into a start position?

Does your receiving position feel like death?


In this video we look at being able to sit deep between our heels. It is vital to have mobility in our hips to hit these position.


If you follow us or work with us you've heard us say a number of "Cannellaism's" (Definition: frequent sayings from Olympic coach and president of Columbus Weightlifting, Mark Cannella), such as:


  • A good start equals a good finish
  • Sit between you ankles and keep the bar on you


Watch this video for some quick exercises that will increase your hip mobility:


  • A dynamic pre-workout stretch for the hips
  • A self-myofascial release roll for the hips
  • A static stretch of the hips for post-workout
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